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Gas Servicing

Gas Servicing

Whatever your gas appliance, manufacturer's recommend servicing every 12 months to check for its safe and efficient operation.

Boiler Servicing

Depending on the make and model of your boiler the engineer carrying out a service will (amongst other things):-

  • check the safe and efficient combustion of the burner
  • check all seals on burner chambers and cases
  • check gas pressures
  • check for any leaks or signs of wear
  • check the safe operation of the flue
  • Inspect the controls
  • Clean the burners, the injectors and the flue-ways

Older boilers have more mechanical, adjustable components which will need regular maintenance, whereas the more modern boilers tend to be pre-set and governed by electrical devices

Fire Servicing

Again, the make and model of your fire will determine the checks and operations carried out during your service. In many cases the fire will actually be removed from the wall to check the following:-

  • the catchment area - checked and cleaned
  • the flue will be checked and tested for efficiency in removing products of combustion
  • the appliance will be checked for spillage
  • the gas pressures will be checked
  • the appliance will be thoroughly cleaned, dismantling where necessary.

Again, this is not an exhaustilble list and will depend on the make and model of your appliance.

Have you got a boiler and a fire? Book us to service them both at the same time and get the second service at a discounted rate! Call us for details.